The luxurious brunch for ambitious, visionary women to collaborate and mastermind by Emi Valerio & Rachel-Yvonne

What if you could gain clarity on your purpose and no longer procrastinate about moving forward? 

Imagine taking a few hours to connect with great women, enjoy a delicious brunch, to grow your your business on purpose…

Join Emi Valerio and Rachel-Yvonne for this luxurious brunch for ambitious, visionary women to collaborate and mastermind.

Your Hosts:

Emi Valerio is an Author, Testimonial Speaker, Identity + Brand Strategist and Founder of She Commands, LLC.

Emi’s mission is to educate, encourage, and equip women of faith to take hold of God’s promise so they will NEVER compromise their integrity for earthly gain and power by providing inspirational value, products, and services.

Through She Commands, Emi helps Christian solopreneurs bring their brand to life by boosting engagement, maximizing exposure, &  creating a profitable online business and ministry all while “staying in the vine” (John 15).  Her intimate and transparent approach is equally effective in one-on-one, group, or large conference settings.

Holding a BA in Sociology, MS in Counselling, and an Advanced Certificate in Bilingual School Counselling, Emi brings extensive expertise to her clients. To keep her fresh and motivated each month Emi Logs a minimum of 10 hours of personal and Professional development .

Emi lives in New York City with her family. She loves reading, travelling, taking part in community service, serving in her church and shedding a light of positivity to the world.

My name is Rachel-Yvonne,  It’s time for you to step into your greatness and declare who you are! The time has come for everything in your life to change, not tomorrow, but NOW!

I am a minister, singer/songwriter and coach for women like you.

I have an unquenchable passion for impacting women’s lives so that they can be, “brave, powerful and free.” I don’t pretend to be perfect, and walk you through my process.

I use spiritual, Bible based, intuitive practices based on over 15 years in ministry. I have trained at the acclaimed Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Morgan State University (Music  Performance) and also hold a Theological Diploma from the Bibleway Training Institute.

I have traveled to India, USA, Europe singing, teaching and empowering people of all ages.

As a professional backing vocalist, I have sung alongside the likes of music legends Rod Stewart, George Michael, Sam Smith and Amy Winehouse. I have performed at a variety of prestigious venues and events
including the Brit Awards and Party in the Park, St James Palace, and Royal Festival Hall.

I was also a finalist on ITV’s X Factor UK as a member of girl band Melody Stone formerly known as Silvertone in summer 2015.

I have a skill for seeing the impossible happen, and I want you to experience that too.

What will I experience on the day?

As you walk into the venue, in the cosmopolitan city of New York, you’ll be greeted by Emi & Rachel.

You’ll see your name-card at your place and also the faces of your mastermind sisters, who are ready to hug you!

You’ll enjoy a glass or two of prosecco, with your delicious and freshly prepared meal as we talk and set our intentions for the day.

Emi & Rachel, powerful speakers, will begin to share and guide you into writing down your vision for your business, and you’ll be able to share this with your sisters.

There will be lots of time for personal coaching, with all your questions answered, and you’ll leave the day feeling ready to take the next steps in your business and life with the support of your new friends!

You’ll also leave the day with a content planner, devotional and more.

What is the investment?

We have 3 options for you to choose from:

$247 in full – includes 1 call with Emi & Rachel

$85 x 3 monthly payments

$43 x 8 bi-weekly payments

Who is this for?

This brunch is for ambitious and visionary women.

For women who either run or want to run their own business as a side hustle or full-time venture.

How do I sign up? I need to be there

What have others experienced?

Mandy, New York

“Wow what can I say about the Mastermind.

I promised myself to go there with an OPEN MIND.
I was nervous and not sure what I would encounter.
But I encountered the start of my Freedom.

I encountered how to connect with other amazing Women of God even though we believe, we also had issues holding us back.
I had learn to look on the inside of Mandy and release that little girl that encountered hurt and pain.

I also learnt that it is ok to accept help from everyone..

See I am the person that is always helping and find it difficult to take help.

I am definitely putting a plan in place for 2019 for the very very first time.

I remembering leaving this event and breaking down crying on the train because God definitely showed up and showed out.

Emi shared powerfully about having grace in every season.

Rachel was amazing she poured into all of us women and made sure we had our breakthrough.”

“Emi was so kind and supportive.  I felt comfortable opening up to her right away.  She provided me with coaching that I was able to start using right away.  Emi listened to my concerns and needs and then thoughtfully helped me to see how the decisions that I make affect the outcomes in my life.  She supported me in understanding that I can choose differently and how I can make my dreams a reality.  I have loved working with Emi and her coaching is definitely supporting me in making my dreams a reality.”
Michela Dixon

” I met Rachel through a women’s group of Coaches that focus on spiritual women. For one reason or the other, Rachel’s remarks and output in this group drew me closer to her. I found more clarity in reading what she wrote because she explained things more clearly and gave tips that worked for me. The most important thing that Rachel taught me is to stop procrastinating and to believe that I have been given the mandate to go out and make it happen. I live in Sweden but Rachel had an event in New York called God, Glam, Goals Getaway. I was in a situation where sisterhood was much needed. I needed a group of likeminded ladies to speak life into my situation. Going to New York to meet with Rachel was an investment I never regret. Through her coaching and mentorship sessions, it makes it quite easy to know that it is okay to fall back on things, it is okay to ask for help and it’s ok to say enough is enough. I have opened my communication blockages and slowly learning how to be a good leader through following Rachel’s advice. Most important of all, Rachel has an eternal truth that I resonate with and I’m looking forward to having Rachel as a coach friend” Esther, Sweden

“There are not enough ways for me to express gratitude to Emi Valerio.  Very often life throws a variety of situations in your directions and we are left to our own devices to figure them out. At times its possible but at other times (more often than not) we need to seek advice.  Talking to Emi was one of the easiest experiences I have had.  I came to her with a concern about a friendship and I was pretty sure that I had a grasp on the situation and what I should do.  The amazing thing about Emi is that she listened patiently, digested the information and then presented me with a totally new out look that I had not yet considered.  When it comes to adversity I have the tendency to avoid it or suppress it but Emi challenged me to confront it head on.  She urged me to talk to the person(s) involved which ultimately led me to a level of closure that I am forever grateful for. ”
Angelique Chapman

We can’t wait to meet you! It’s going to be a day to remember.