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Hey girlies, 

I get so many questions about my skin that I thought it was time to spill the beans!

It sounds like I’m not really answering any questions, but I have my parents awesome skin genes to thank for my skin as I really haven’t been doing anything special….but I will share what I’m currently doing, and I have a few tips for you. I only wear makeup about 2-3 days a week, depending on my schedule. 
*try not to wear makeup everyday, I realise that most girls likes the polished look that a dash of powder gives, and the smooth look of a full face for work. Try and take a break to let your skin breathe. 
*wash your face before you go to bed, well at least use a baby wipe! 
*drink lots of water 
*stay away from chocolate. Haha. 
My friend Paris bought me some beautiful products from Lâncome that I’m loving right now: 
 Galatéis Douceur – cleansing fluid
Tonique Douceur – toner

Night routine: Firstly, I dampen my face with water, then squeeze a 10p amount of cleanser into my hand and rub all over my face. I then wet a muslin cloth and use that to scrub my face clean. 
I apply toner to a cotton wool pad then wipe that all over my face. 
Morning routine: I wet a muslin cloth and use that to clean my face. That’s it. Then I use the tiniest amount of Shea butter to moisturise my face. 
Before that I was doing the oil cleansing method, but now that I have semi-perm mink lashes again, that’s out the window. I don’t use cream/lotion to moisturise my face anymore, pre-lashes it was coconut oil or castor oil, now I use Shea butter. 
So that’s it girlies, I’ll let you know how I get on with the Lâncome products!
RachieGirly x 

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