Ladies of Power & Influence

Are you ready to unleash the confident queen within?

You have dreams but through life’s seasons and relationships with those in your life, you’ve let them slip away or even forgotten them.

You wonder if anyone else feels the same way as you, and would love to find your tribe. 

You’re fabulous but you don’t always feel fierce.

You work and hustle all day long, at work, with the babies, and partner, with no time for yourself. 

You lack the confidence to push yourself towards seeing your dreams come to pass, and you need to be more consistent. 

You know that you deserve better, but it feels easier to just do what everyone else wants you to do.

You wonder if you’re ever going to be able to have the time to find your purpose, because you’re too busy!

Join the Ladies of Power & Influence today! We start on Monday 4th December 2017

My name is Rachel-Yvonne; your Confidence Activator and Empowerment Influencer. It’s time for you to step into your greatness and declare who you are! The time has come for everything in your life to change, not tomorrow, but NOW!

I am inviting you to join this fabulous group programme with like-minded Queens of purpose and power. This 4 week programme will create moments of clarity and breakthrough.

Here’s why I created this for you:

There was a time when I struggled to get out of bed, due to feelings of depression that we’re weighing down my soul. I was afraid of the dark, and couldn’t be alone at all. I had allowed what someone else thought about me to matter more than what God thought about me. I was out of whack with my divine alignment, I had given my power to another person.

You see, the people we allow into our lives, at every stage, are key to our success. There will be seasons for certain connections, but never for toxicity.

I lacked focus, confidence and self-belief. It didn’t matter what I was being told, what mattered is what I believed! Then one day, I woke up, realised that I needed additional support, a tribe, and tools to move forward…and I wake up everyday, stepping into success, increasing in abundance and the limitless possibilities that are available to me as a Queen.

I’m here to help you, because you deserve a richer life with integrity, grace and love.

Join the Ladies of Power & Influence today!

For 4 weeks you will receive the following:

4 x 45 minute videos – one for each module below

 Private FB group with me and the rest of the ladies, to build community, ask me questions, have live Q & A sessions!

Daily Affirmations

PDF’s for each module below

Luxurious self-care products (eg beauty, skincare, makeup, candles)

Week 1: Confident Queens

  • Boosting your self confidence to match your desires

  • Getting clear on what you desire out of life

  • Letting your fears know who’s boss

Week 2: Purpose + Passion = Power

  • Getting clear on what your purpose is

  • Lining up your passions with your purpose to reach your goals

  • Mindset makeover – creating thought patterns that match your purpose

Week 3: Influential Community

  • How to stop self-sabotaging

  • Overcoming negative thoughts from within and those around you

  • Creating a sisterhood, being accountable and building community

Week 4: The practices of a Queen

  • The importance of self-care

  • Time management skills – you are the boss of your time

  • The downsides of not doing self-care

  • Maintaining spiritual practices – prayer, meditation, fasting



I’m excited to welcome you! If you have any questions or would like to confirm if this is right for you, let’s book a call xx