I am Rachel-Yvonne, believer in YOU!
I am an intuitive confidence and freedom coach.  I am also a speaker, singer/songwriter who wants to share life and love with you.  I transform mindsets from powerlessness to power, from fear to bravery and from stuck to free.

The reason that I know this is true, is because I did it with myself first. I was born in Elgin, Scotland, grew up in Essex, England where I still live.

From the moment I could talk and walk, I wanted to be heard. My parents noticed that I liked music, so they heavily invested in music lessons, which increased my confidence and skill set

My parents raised us in the church, so I have had amazing opportunities to sing and speak to a wide range of audiences. This helped to shape me and released the creativity that I had inside of my soul. I began to sing professionally around the age of 18, but I wasn’t around the right people to encourage me and push me, so once again I fell to the pressure. Around that time, I noticed that I was a natural leader and that people gravitate towards me, and they listened to what I had to say. From then on-wards, I used my singing and my speaking to encourage, empower and inspire people.

Like many of you, I have had setbacks, made a few wrong turnings along the way…but I am HERE!

Why am I sharing this with you?

So that you will know that everything I say is coming from a place of truth. I will tell you the tools that I have used in order to succeed, how you can have healthy relationships, and how you can change your world.

I believe that you have a distinct purpose for being on the earth, and I want to help you see it.
I know that you were created to be powerful, and I want you to know it too.
I see the impact that you can have in our world, and I want to you to be free to embrace it.

With love and light,
Rachel-Yvonne x

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