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OOTD // Wear more pink! // RachieGirly

My name is Rachel-Yvonne and I’m a Pinterest addict, yes it’s true! You should definitely join me over there, it’s like this amazing place of dream-making. These pictures of gorgeous tulle skirts have been popping up on my feed quite often, and instead of drooling I decided I had to have one.

And then I saw Kelis in a pink one and I knew it was over:

My friend Marsha, is a fashion designer so I asked her to make me one and it’s gotta be one of the most perfect items I’ve ever worn. Every girl should feel like a princess, and this skirt definitely works like a charm. This year, I’ve made a rule to embrace my femininity as much as I can, and nothing says girly girl like a big pink skirt!


Outfit details:
Black bodysuit – Topshop (at least 10 years old)
Pink tulle skirt – Solo Flair
Nude pumps – ASOS
Photo credit: Simba Designs
*If you don’t want any lifting, wear a bodysuit
*To ensure no peek-a-boo straps, wear a strapless bra
*Nude shoes go with everything
What are you perfect princess items? Would you wear a skirt like this?
I’d love to hear from you! More pics on my Instagram page: rachelyvonne
Love you lots,
RachieGirly xx

New bits from MAC!

Hey girlies, 

My mum treated me to a few MAC goodies yesterday, and how could I say no?! 
We had fun talking to the pretty assistant in House of Fraser, as she talked us throughout product choices. To save money, I’ve been using drug store equivalents of my regular MAC products but I definitely prefer the high-end brands. 

Here’s what I bought:
Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NW50
Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NW50
Pro Longwear Concealer in NW40
Cremesheen Lipstick in Hangup 
Hangup is one of my favourite lipsticks, it’s not too dark and it has a slighter richer red tone than Rebel. 
I shall be recording a video soon, so you’ll get to see what a few of these items look like on me. I get quite excited about new makeup, lol. What are your fave MAC products? Do you think high-end brands are worth the money?
Love you lots,
RachieGirly xx 

My Skin

Hey girlies, 

I get so many questions about my skin that I thought it was time to spill the beans!

It sounds like I’m not really answering any questions, but I have my parents awesome skin genes to thank for my skin as I really haven’t been doing anything special….but I will share what I’m currently doing, and I have a few tips for you. I only wear makeup about 2-3 days a week, depending on my schedule. 
*try not to wear makeup everyday, I realise that most girls likes the polished look that a dash of powder gives, and the smooth look of a full face for work. Try and take a break to let your skin breathe. 
*wash your face before you go to bed, well at least use a baby wipe! 
*drink lots of water 
*stay away from chocolate. Haha. 
My friend Paris bought me some beautiful products from Lâncome that I’m loving right now: 
 Galatéis Douceur – cleansing fluid
Tonique Douceur – toner

Night routine: Firstly, I dampen my face with water, then squeeze a 10p amount of cleanser into my hand and rub all over my face. I then wet a muslin cloth and use that to scrub my face clean. 
I apply toner to a cotton wool pad then wipe that all over my face. 
Morning routine: I wet a muslin cloth and use that to clean my face. That’s it. Then I use the tiniest amount of Shea butter to moisturise my face. 
Before that I was doing the oil cleansing method, but now that I have semi-perm mink lashes again, that’s out the window. I don’t use cream/lotion to moisturise my face anymore, pre-lashes it was coconut oil or castor oil, now I use Shea butter. 
So that’s it girlies, I’ll let you know how I get on with the Lâncome products!
RachieGirly x