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A Glimpse of Heaven – romantic short story

“I’ve had a glimpse of heaven
I’ve tasted of the pleasures that only true love can bring…”

A Glimpse of Heaven-image

He looked at me, and for a split second it seemed as though heaven had come crashing down and visited me.
Like a distant dream that I had as a girl, my Prince Charming was standing right in front of me.
Perfect in his imperfection, he loves me just as I am.

Coffee at Costa’s, walks in Covent Garden, dinner at Ed’s Diner, chai’s in Camden.
A dream come true.
He doesn’t ask me to change,
He calls me strong, he calls me brave.
“I don’t just love your body, I love your mind.” He whispered into my ear, as he bent down to hug me.

to be continued…

3 Reasons to visit Jamaica

3 Reasons to visit Jamaica (1)

Anywhere in the Caribbean is always a winning destination to escape the Winters of the UK, and to engage in some serious sun bathing. So when my brother asked if I wanted to come to Jamaica with his birthday twin (Iyisha) and two of her friends, I jumped at the opportunity.

We embarked on a 10 day trip to the island of our ancestors, and had the best of times! Although it’s one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, you can still get around to most parts if you can arrange transport. We flew in and out of Montego Bay airport. For more pics, follow me on instagram.

Here are 3 of my top places to visit in Jamaica.

1. Montego Bay


Sunset Beach, Montego bay


Sunset in Montego Bay


We stayed at the Sunset Beach Resort aWaterpark  for a couple of nights. It was wonderful having a private beach, and enjoying the beach, and amazing food. All-inclusive is the way to go! The hotel was clean, hotel staff we’re very friendly and we had a fun start to our holiday.


Nathanael playing catch in the ocean




2. Ocho Rios


Market in Ochi


The hotel concierge arranged a taxi for us to Ocho Rios, to visit Iyisha’s grandad, this journey took about 2 hours. We stayed at his house and had a very different Jamaican experience. By day we visited the James Bond beach, Blue Hole, and by night we went to Amnesia, and Karaoke at Oceans 11. I’m not much of a party animal, so we stayed in a few nights too.


Craft Market


We also got to attend church on Sunday morning, and went straight to the beach afterwards! LOL!


United Pentecostal Church


Blue Hole


With Iyisha @ Blue Hole


Blue Hole again


Red Stripe Beer


View of Ochi


Ochi again


3. Negril


Negril. My favourite place in Jamaica


Grandad arranged a taxi to take us to Negril, which took about 3 hours. On the way, we stopped at Scotchies for amazing jerk chicken and festivals!


Scotchies Jerk Chicken and Pork!


When we finally arrived in Negril, I was not disappointed. Negril was everything I could have hoped for, a real paradise. This was my favourite part of Jamaica; endless beaches, lovely people and glorious sunshine.


Walking along the beach


a beach cafe


Check out this site for tourist tips:

I would highly recommend a visit to Jamaica, we’re planning on going back in December.

Here are a few more pics for you…xx


Sunset in Negril


Rick’s Cafe


Jamaican flag


Iyisha on the catamaran


Nathanael, Steph, Iyisha & Hannah – swimming in the ocean, off the caramaran


Beautiful white sand


Happy in the sun 😉





How to get through Mother’s Day when you’ve lost a child or mother

This Sunday, is Mothering Sunday in the UK. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate and show love to the mothers in your life.

The run up to Mother’s Day tends to be bittersweet for me. Memories come rushing in of labour and Josh’s funeral which collide with the excitement of celebrating my mum. People tend not to know how to treat me, and most have forgotten, but I will never forget. The same is also true for those who have lost their mum or mother figures. I watch my mum struggle with the same conflict, as we lost Grandma to a brain tumour.

On Mother’s Day, I feel a bit left out of celebrations, wishing that I was able to get a gift, flowers and a hug from my son.

How to  get through Mother's Day when

Here are a few ways you can make them feel special on this day and also tips for those of us in that situation: 

1. Send a text/FB message letting them know that you’re thinking of them This is really important, please remember them. 

2. Show then extra love on that day, even if they seem like they’re coping. You can never tell what’s happening on the inside. 

3. Write a letter to your child/mum, letting them know how you are, what you’re up to now and how much you miss them. 

4. Visit their grave, place flowers as a sign of remembrance.

5. Journal. Write down how you’re feeling, and where you are at in your grief.

6. Know that it will get better. It does get less painful, but this journey can take a while, be patient and allow yourself to go through the process.

7. Find a creative outlet for your loss, I wrote a song about it here:

7.  Move forward. Always. This doesn’t mean you’ll forget, but you’ll be able to place your energy into building your future.

You never stop being a mum, even if your child is no longer here. You never stop being a child, even if your mum isn’t here.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Lots and lots of love,



I am desirable!


  • I am desirable.

  • God is setting me up to have an amazing, long-lasting and fulfilling marriage.

I’m 31, single and definitely interested in settling down, so I speak these things into being like it says in the Bible (Romans 4:17). In a time where monogamy is seen as old-fashioned, and marriage is constantly being defined, I choose to remind myself of who I am and what I’m worth.

Declarations are an important factor in living a successful life. On the wall of my room I have A2 sheets of paper with my declarations on, they are in prime position. I see them while I’m getting dressed, and when I’m about to leave.

Steve Backlund taught me about the importance of declarations, and it has made a difference to how I live and think about myself.

You can get more information here: