Ladies of Power & Influence Video Bundle

Hi, I’m Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh

I’m a preacher, singer/songwriter and coach for leaders – especially women in ministry.

I absolutely believe without any doubts that you were born to be Brave, Powerful & Free, and by signing up to this bundle, that’s exactly what you will step into even more.

Another thing that I believe is this….

Every single woman was born for Influence and Power

So that includes you!

As we enter this brand new decade: 2020….and beyond, I’ve put together these group of videos and PDF’s that will shift you like never before.

Your moment is now

Your time is now

You can be whatever you desire to be

Know and believe

For the longest time, I kept trying to fit into the mould of what I’d
seen others do. I denied my desires, because I thought they were
wrong. I allowed myself to listen to voices who were harmful to me, and jealous of my calling.

I couldn’t see anyone else who looked like me, had similar dreams so I thought I wasn’t living in my purpose.

I lived my life trying to please everyone around me, except me!!!

God was trying to tell me all along, “I made you like this for a reason.

It’s how you’ll show my heart to everyone you meet.”

Imagine that God was saying that to you right now.

Over the last few years, I have grown my influence, ministry and
business in such a way that brings me freedom.

I can travel all over the world, without restrictions, and truly “work
from anywhere.”
I’ve done the work to remember fully who I am, and I live it every single day.
I’ve come to discover that there is no part of your life that is wasted, all of it is a learning experience than can be shared with others.

What’s included?

  • 30 Days of Content Ideas for Social Media – ebook
  • How to be a Confident & Empowered Speaker (3 part training) – video
  • 10 Steps to become a powerful visionary influencer – ebook
  • Lessons from a Queen – video
  • What it takes to be a powerful and elite influencer – video
  • 7 Day Devotional The Confident & Empowered Queen who prays – ebook
  • How to overcome blocks to building your business – video
  • The Unapologetic Visionary – video
  • How to create a lifestyle of femininity and freedom: living out your destiny – video

Investment: $97…worth over $497 for some of my best teachings, impartations and trainings.

You’ll be sent the link as soon as your purchase…so that you can:

Grow in confidence

Increase your income

BE the powerful visionary, queen and influencer right now….

Get yours here!