How to say no!

Hey guys,

Every Wednesday, I release a podcast via soundcloud called #iampowerful. My last episode struck a chord with me, so I decided to write this post to accompany it.

I have found that, in attempting to live a life of purity and goodness that making rules to stick to doesn’t make me happy. Trying to deny myself of something, only makes me want it more! I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

Then I heard this sentence that literally changed my way of thinking;

“Part of the challend in our lives, and why we’re not successful is becasue we have a big NO, and a little YES. We spend alot of time trying not to do somthing wrong or battle bad habit in our lives, but the most effective way to deal with desructive behaviour and bad thoughts, is to have such a strong YES in your heart that your NO’s have become powerless….if you submerge yourself in your calling, you will have no time to think about what we shouldn’t be doing, and no energy left to do it anyway. In fact, a strong YES is our best NO. ” Kris Vallotton

It’s so much easier to say no, when you have already set your priorites in order, and know what you have said yes to. There was a time when I felt that saying no to people, especially those I love, meant that I somehow was unable to manage my time effetively. But, being able to say no shows that I am powerful, and that I know where my priorities are at that time.

The crazy thing is, some of the things you’ll say no to aren’t neccesarily bad things.  There is a wise proverb that says; “to everything there is a season, and for every activity under the heavens….” You need to know what you’re supposed to be doing in that time, and why.

You need to know who you should be connected to, and why. Actually, you may not even need to know the reasons why, you may work that out as you go along, but you should know whether this is the right time or not.

Having said all this, I know it’s not always easy to say no. Sometimes saying no, at the time, hurts, but I focus on my YES, and I focus on the bigger picture:

My YES is what matters.

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Love you,

Rach xx

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