Elite One Day Retreat in New York City with Rachel-Yvonne

When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of one day to focus on God, your goals and yourself?

This is for 10 Queens only!

There is an immense value that can be received by giving yourself a whole day to focus. Join me and 10 elite ladies as we re-write your story…

Are you…

  • unsure of what you really desire for 2019?
  • ready to go FULL out with your biznistry?
  • looking for a community of powerful women to collaborate with?
  • ready to give yourself permission to really dream with God?
  • wishing and praying that you could stop feeling overwhelmed?
  • ready to share your story with the world and know who you’re called to serve?

I’ve been there!

For the longest time, I kept trying to fit into the mould of what I’d seen others do. I denied my desires, because I thought they were wrong.

I lived my life trying to please everyone around me, except me!!! God was trying to tell me all along, “I made you like this for a reason. It’s how you’ll show my heart to everyone you meet.” 💖

Imagine that God was saying that to you right now!!

What does it feel like to work with me?

“Rachel was everything I needed in this perfect season. With her, I was able to build my confidence, refine the path towards my destiny, and grow bold in knowing who I am called to be. She helped me bring attention to areas that were creating roadblocks within my path and offered knowledgeable advisement at the appropriate times. I am so happy to have worked with her. Her insight is valuable to anyone whom is ready to move forward on their current path.” – Crystal, South Carolina, USA

You will leave this day with the following:

  • having mapped out your plans for 2019.
  • individually focused coaching time with me, based on what you share in your Welcome Packet, and interaction on the day.
  • instant and valuable support network; powerful and like-minded women from around the world. 
  • powerful prayer ministry and Divine guidance for your ministry/business.
  • transform your fears and doubts into faith and determination to succeed.
  • fully live out your purpose, without doubts and limitations.
  • be YOU unapologetically.
  • being seen, listened to and challenged to move forward, free of procrastination and insecurities
  • a FULL day to focus and streamline what you need to grow for the next season.
  • walk away with the tools you need to become more visible, build your biznistry with grace and knowing who you have been called to serve.

This also includes…

  • The 8 Week Group Coaching Programme; God, Glam, Goals
  • In-depth welcome packet, so I can fully know your needs before we meet, with powerful questions.
  • Exquisite Lunch and refreshments.

PLUS an inspiring session with Christian Branding Coach; Emi Valerio on “grace over grind.” We’ll be learning about how to live in his grace, live in abundance and stop grinding non-stop. This is exactly how we ought to live as Queens of our life.

Emi’s mission is to empower women to step into their power and position themselves as sought-after experts to create an iconic online brand presence. Her self mastery work sets her apart in an industry focused on a strategy-first, inner work later approach. Emi has been featured in the New York times, the Huffington Post, among others.


Why should you work with me?

My name is Rachel-Yvonne,  It’s time for you to step into your greatness and declare who you are! The time has come for everything in your life to change, not tomorrow, but NOW!

I am a minister, singer/songwriter and coach for women like you.

I have an unquenchable passion for impacting women’s lives so that they can be, “brave, powerful and free.” I don’t pretend to be perfect, and walk you through my process.

I use spiritual, Bible based, intuitive practices based on over 15 years in ministry. I have trained at the acclaimed Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Morgan State University (Music  Performance) and also hold a Theological Diploma from the Bibleway Training Institute.

I have traveled to India, USA, Europe singing, teaching and empowering people of all ages.

As a professional backing vocalist, I have sung alongside the likes of music legends Rod Stewart, George Michael, Sam Smith and Amy Winehouse. I have performed at a variety of prestigious venues and events
including the Brit Awards and Party in the Park, St James Palace, and Royal Festival Hall.

I was also a finalist on ITV’s X Factor UK as a member of girl band Melody Stone formerly known as Silvertone in summer 2015.

I have a skill for seeing the impossible happen, and I want you to experience that too.


The #godglamgoals getaway is the perfect time for you to reconnect with your vision.

Are you ready to invest in your future? Apply below

VIP Option: God, Glam, Goals Getaway – One Day Only $497 in full

I can’t wait to see you there!

Love, Rachel x