A Glimpse of Heaven – romantic short story

“I’ve had a glimpse of heaven
I’ve tasted of the pleasures that only true love can bring…”

A Glimpse of Heaven-image

He looked at me, and for a split second it seemed as though heaven had come crashing down and visited me.
Like a distant dream that I had as a girl, my Prince Charming was standing right in front of me.
Perfect in his imperfection, he loves me just as I am.

Coffee at Costa’s, walks in Covent Garden, dinner at Ed’s Diner, chai’s in Camden.
A dream come true.
He doesn’t ask me to change,
He calls me strong, he calls me brave.
“I don’t just love your body, I love your mind.” He whispered into my ear, as he bent down to hug me.

to be continued…

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