The Confident & Empowered Entrepreneur Coaching Program 2018


“Powerfully co-create your dream life with God”

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3 Months 1:1 Coaching

$1,500 in full

$550 x 3

Do you feel stuck and not sure of what to do next?

Do you feel a resistance to being more visible online but you know that it’s important to build your relationships and /or grow your business?

Do you feel guilty about wanting to look and feel good because people have told you that it’s not spiritual or Godly?

Do you lack the confidence to push yourself towards seeing your dreams come to pass?

Do you think you have the talents needed but you’re not sure if you really have what it takes?

Do you worry about your finances and wish you were in a better place?

Well keep reading…

I get it

I have felt like this, and not even that long ago at all.

As a Pastor’s kid, growing up in the 80’s/90’s, I always felt that I din’t fit in because my desires and dreams were not the same as the models I had seen.

I wanted to be a model/singer and still love Jesus, but I was always made to feel that I had to choose. But then I realised that I only had to choose God!

It was God that had created me this way, formed and fashioned my ideas, dreams and desires.

I deepened my personal connection with God, began to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, grew in boldness and surrounded myself with mentors and like-minded community.

I sought Divine guidance and embraced who I really am, and now walk in freedom every single day of my life.

Why should you work with me?

I am a minister, singer/songwriter and coach for women like you.
I have an unquenchable passion for impacting women’s lives so that they can be, “brave, powerful and free.”

I use spiritual, Bible based, intuitive practices based on over 15 year in ministry.
I have trained at the acclaimed Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Morgan State University (Music  Performance) and also hold a Theological Diploma from the Bibleway Training Institute.

I have traveled to India, USA, Europe singing, teaching and empowering people of all ages.

As a professional backing vocalist, I have sung alongside the likes of music legends Rod Stewart, George Michael, Sam Smith and Amy Winehouse. I have performed at a variety of prestigious venues and events
including the Brit Awards and Party in the Park, St James Palace, and Royal Festival Hall.

I was also a finalist on ITV’s X Factor UK as a member of girl band Melody Stone formerly known as Silvertone in summer 2015.

I have a skill for seeing the impossible happen, and I want you to experience that too.

Imagine this life..

You will feel confident, feminine and powerful.

You will have cleared any money blocks you had, including and blocks to giving and receiving.

Your social media presence will be solid, and your messaging will be clear throughout.

You will know that what you have to offer is of great service to the world and needed.

You will look after your body, nourishing and honouring your temple with a healthy diet, sleep, beauty treatments worthy of your Queenly lifestyle.

You will deepen your relationship with God, so that you feel connected, strengthen your intuition, and grow in the gifts of the Spirit.

You will become more confident, develop self esteem, overcome self-doubt, and feel empowered to get out of your comfort zone and see transformation in your life.

You will become more abundant in all areas of your life so that you no longer see yourself as an orphan but as a Queen with access to everything that every moment.

You will feel the power of sisterhood, be held accountable and grow in vulnerability and build solid community.

You will learn the self-care and spiritual practices of a Queen and will never feel wrong for wanting the Divine and abundant lifestyle ever again.

In a nutshell…you’re going to:

Deepen your relationship with God so that you feel connected, strengthen your intuition, and grow in the gifts of the Spirit. So that you’re in complete control of your emotions and well-being. You will be free from worry and anxiety, and know that you walk in power everyday and receive divine guidance for all areas of your life.

Become more confident and you’ll be able to take on the daily challenges in a powerful way, show up as a Queen everyday, develop positive self-esteem, overcome your self-doubt, feel empowered to get out of your comfort zone.

Become more abundant in all areas of your life, so that you longer see yourself as an orphan but as Queen who has access to everything at every moment. You’ll be able to develop the mindset of success and optimism, free of resentment or competition. You’ll no longer have a victim mindset but become more visionary in your outlook which will lead you to notice the endless opportunities around you

What have others said about me and my work?

 “Rachel-Yvonne is a powerhouse lioness with an angelic grace who supports her clients in claiming their inner confidence and wisdom. Having overcoming tremendous obstacles in her own life first, she shows clients that she is willing to do the work and take her own advice first–making her support that much more enriching, her insight more deep, and her wisdom all the more useful to each of her clients.” – Courtney, LA, USA

“When I first started working with Rachel-Yvonne, I lacked confidence in not only my life, but also in my business. I didn’t realize my potential, or the fact that I had an incredibly powerful story to share with the world. She helped give me the confidence in speaking my truth and owning my story. Since being more transparent with my audience, and speaking my truth – even if my voice shakes – I’ve greatly increased my confidence AND my business. I made more in one day than my previous six years in business – literally within a week of speaking my truth. You can’t afford NOT to work with Rachel-Yvonne.” Kathy, IOWA, USA



3 Months 1:1 Coaching

$1,500 in full

$550 x 3

I understand that this 3 Month 1:1 Coaching Program Includes:

12 x 1 hour sessions

Welcome Pack

Free Entry to my events

Unlimited Voxer Notes

Monthly Audit of your progress

Fast Action Takers Will Be Rewarded with this BONUS – self care package and goodies from the Brave, Powerful & Free Store.


3 Months 1:1 Coaching

$1,500 in full

$550 x 4


How do I know I should work with you?
You clicked on this page for a reason, because you want to change your life! Say no to procrastination, and yes to action today. You’ve said yes to most, if not all of the points listed on this page, so you know that you’re in the right place.

I don’t have a business, but I love what you say/do, can I still coach with you?
Yes! I typically work with creative entrepreneurs but the key to your success in every area of your life is the same – consistency, authenticity and, mindset., We’ll work on a plan to create your freedom lifestyle and tailor make it to fit your goals.

It seems like a large investment?
My Queen, compared to what? This is how I question all of my investments and purchases, if it feels large. What am I going to get out of it? What am I comparing this amount to? What is the limit on my earning potential? What is the price of my dreams coming true? The biggest shifts in my life have happened when I’ve taken a leap of faith like this one. I can
also give you tips and advice on ways to find the money for this.

Do you offer refunds?
I work with powerful Queens who make great choices and don’t second guess their decisions. Therefore, I do not offer refunds. I guarantee that if you take the steps that I show you, and have a teachable spirit and positive attitude, that you will see shifts in your life after the first session.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Of course, I want to make this as pain-free as possible. You can pay in any of the options on this page.


3 Months 1:1 Coaching

$1,500 in full

$550 x 4


‘Practical dreamers never quit’ – Napoleon Hill
If you were nodding your head to these statements and feeling the excitement building then pay right now.

Do not second guess yourself, and limit your success.

Now is the time for you to learn the tools needed to bring you the abundant and Queenly lifestyle that you’ve always wanted to have.

If you don’t choose yourself today, you’ll remain disorganised, stuck, feeling depressed, frustrated, unsupported and limited.

It’s time for the world to see you in all the beauty and glory that God has made you; Divine and Abundant Queen!


3 Months 1:1 Coaching

$1,500 in full

$550 x 4