Build, grow and launch your business with integrity, authenticity and confidence in who you are!

Do you desire to create your own schedule and gain more freedom in your life? 

Do you know that you were born for this moment and you desire to share your message with the world? 

Do you wonder how you can be a business boss babe using Biblical principles? 

Do you want to learn the principles of starting, building and or growing your business? 

Do you know that you were made for more miracles and money? 

Do you dream of receiving all the blessings that are apart of your inheritance in Christ, but wonder if it can be easy? 

Are you ready to be paid and blessed, beautiful Queen? 

Then this course if for YOU!

I’ve felt all these things and also desired to the business, life and ministry that I have now. I want to share with you all that I have learnt and what I believe are the neccesary building blocks to help you build, launch and grow a successful business.

We get deep into who you are, what you’ve been born to do and how we can get paid from our gifts.

You can work at your own pace and really take time to take in the content as you make great transformations in you entire life.

What have others said about my work?

What’s included?

πŸ’– Module 1: Confident Queens- building our self-belief on the Word. Who does God say I am? What is my message?? Find your voice, build your influence and increase confidence in your calling.

πŸ’– Module 2: Little Miss Perfect – overcoming perfectionism and saying no to procrastination. Realising that ‘done is better than perfect’ Learn to stop self-sabotage and move forward in your business.

πŸ’– Module 3: The Esther Effect – learn from the Queen who changed the course of a nation using her beauty, prayer, fasting and obedience. Look at ancient principles of beauty, self-care, meditation and worship to care for the Queen you are.

πŸ’– Module 4: Money Mindset Miracle – Money is just a renewable resource, let’s learn what the Bible teaches us about money and how we can have an abundant & prosperous life right now.

πŸ’– Module 5: Bold + Powerful – Know that you carry the authority of Jesus on the earth today, that we can increase in the gifts of the Spirit to walk in power in our business. Use the gift of the prophetic for insight into strategy.

πŸ’– Module 6: The Legacy of Freedom – Who are the ones that came before us? How does that relate to us today? Walk in full freedom, knowing that you have been called to create and lead others to freedom through the innovation of your business

πŸ’– Module 7: Get Paid! – learn how to creatively monetise your gifts and callings. Uncover hidden gifts that help you to create products and services that change the world.

πŸ’– Module 8: Community Over Competition – learn how create and build meaningful relationships, find mentors and build your team.

Extra bonus: The Kingdom Culture –

✨what are the core values of the Kingdom that need to be apart of our lives and how that can be applied to our business. 

✨not allowing the opinion of others to squash your passion.

✨ get ready to turn the world upside down by changing the culture, to duplicate the Kingdom of Heaven.

✨ Impact your mountain through your life and business (7 Mountains of Influence; Religion, Family,Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business)

How will this work?

You will get 8 Modules – mixture of audio and video content with homework for each module.

Every week you’ll be sent a new module.

First Module will be released on Monday 23rd March

Only $147

Can I add a coaching call to this course?

Yes! I would love to connect with you, and you have two options:

90 mins Intensive + Course for $247

VIP Day (4 hours online/in-person) + Course for $777

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My desire is to see you…

Create your own schedule and gain more freedom in your life.

Deeply know that you were born for this moment and you share your message with the world.

Be a business boss babe using Biblical principles.

Learn the principles of starting, building and or growing your business.

Know that you were made for more miracles and more money.

Receive all the blessings that are apart of your inheritance in Christ…easily and without striving!

Are you in?