about – churchy version

Rachel-Yvonne is a speaker, singer/songwriter and coach with an unquenchable passion for impacting women’s lives so that they can be, in the words of her personal mantra  ‘brave, powerful and free’.

Compelled by this lifelong passion to empower women, Rachel Yvonne started an online Facebook community ‘Brave, powerful and free’ which has grown to over 1,800 members since it began just 2 years ago. In this space, Rachel -Yvonne has provided a safe environment for women to share their deepest hopes, dreams, fears and concerns without judgement and to embrace their God-given identity as queens.

Raised in a Christian home, Rachel-Yvonne is a third generation Pentecostal minister who was consecrated to the office of evangelist in 2007, and serves in both local, national and international leadership in the International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ.

Rachel-Yvonne trained at the acclaimed Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and also holds a Theological Diploma from the Bibleway Training Institute. She holds a prestigious Wise Women Award – “Woman in Ministry” for her online platform, vivacious preaching and singing.

Rachel-Yvonne serves at her local churches NewLife Bibleway Church (Forest Gate London), and Abundant Life Bibleway Church (Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) in a variety of capacities. As a Worship leader, Rachel Yvonne has led congregations into the presence of God at both national and international Bibleway Church fellowships and has also served as a president of the Bibleway UK’s women’s ministry.

In her ministerial capacity, Rachel-Yvonne has travelled across the UK,  to the Caribbean, USA and India sharing her message through story and songs. She has sung, spoken on Premier Christian Radio, Premier Gospel, OHTV and Revelation TV, been featured in The Voice newspaper and Valour magazine.

As a professional backing vocalist, Rachel – Yvonne has sung alongside the likes of music legends Rod Stewart, George Michael, Sam Smith and Amy Winehouse. She has performed at a variety of prestigious venues and events including the Brit Awards and Party in the Park, St James Palace, and Royal Festival Hall.

This gift of song, led to Rachel Yvonne becoming a finalist on the UK X Factor as a member of girl band Melody Stone formerly known as Silvertone in 2015.

Whether it is music, preaching or teaching Rachel-Yvonne is one woman on a serious God-given mission to transform women’s lives for good.