Your monthly coaching membership for high value women like you who desire to live and abundant, luxurious, feminine, and free life.

Inside Abundance Monthly you will receive guidance, grow in confidence, be magnetic, and glow- effortlessly!

Is this you?

  • You want to grow in confidence.
  • You want learn how to be more feminine
  • You want to be more confident and attract high value men.
  • You want to reduce stress in your life and become softer.
  • You have goals but for some reason you feel unworthy of seeing them come to pass.
  • You desire to find some balance in your life.
  • You would love to have coaching but you’re not in a posistion to invest heavily right now.

Hi, I’m Rachel-Yvonne!

I’m so excited to invite you to this coaching memebership, created just for you. I’m so excited to share with you my story and why I believe that you are in the right place. I remember having desires and feeling wrong for them, struggling to fit in with other women and not feeling quite right about being a ‘strong independent boss’ Yes, I believe in owning your feminine power, but there’s something about striving and hustling that always felt like a fight. I showed up too masculine in my romantic relationships, tried to force things in my life, became anxious and didn’t give myself the love I deserved first before attempting to love and serve others. 

It wasn’t until I really became aligned with my soul desires, discovered the beauty of my femininity, and honoured who I was created to be that my life really began to change. I’ve overcome years of limiting beliefs, and negative experiences. I combine my transformative coaching experience, performance experience and intuition into this Abundance Collective. I was able to create a life that magnetises the right calibre of man, friends and lifestyle…..and it didn’t take 10 years!

What is Abundance Monthly?

  • Monthly Coaching Call with me – chance to be coached on absolutely anything.
  • Confidence, femininity, Spirituality, business, and more!
  • Femininity & Receiving -mindset coaching and alignment for feminine flow.
  • Wealth & Abundance Money Mindset – identifying blocks and limiting beliefs. Wealth creation and attraction
  • Guided meditations, journalling prompts, consistent trainings, and more resources.
  • You will have opportunity to be personally coached and ask your questions. We will meditate, create powerful affirmations, doing the inner work needed to go to your next level.
  • And more…

You have three choices of membership options:

$27 a month – unsubscribe whenever you want

$147 for 6 months – 30mins Private Coaching Call

$297 for a whole year – best value – includes 2 x 45 mins Divine Reset Coaching Calls to fast track your transformation – click below for that option!

Make a decision and join TODAY

I can’t wait to welcome you into….Abundance Monthly!

Love Rach x

If you have any questions, please send me a message here: m.me/yesrachelyvonne